Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Durga Chalisa

नमो नमो दुर्गे सुख करनी। नमो नमो अम्बे दुःख हरनी॥
निराकार है ज्योति तुम्हारी। तिहूं लोक फैली उजियारी॥
To Goddess Durga, bestower of happiness, I bow,
To Goddess Amba, who but ends all miseries, I bow,
Your light’s radiance unending and all pervading flows,
And all the three realms are enlightened by your glow.

शशि ललाट मुख महा विशाला। नेत्र लाल भृकुटी विकराला॥
रुप मातु को अधिक सुहावे। दरश करत जन अति सुख पावे॥
Your forehead like the moon and mouth very huge be,
Your eyes with a red glow and a frightening frown to see,
The look of you Mother but ever enchanting does be,
The very sight of which ensures welfare of the devotee.

तुम संसार शक्ति लय कीना। पालन हेतु अन्न धन दीना॥
अन्नपूर्णा हुई जग पाला। तुम ही आदि सुन्दरी बाला॥
All the powers of the World repose in you surely,
You provide food and wealth for all survival truly,
As Annapoorna, You nurture the universe clearly,
You – the youthful timeless girl of extreme beauty.

प्रलयकाल सब नाशन हारी। तुम गौरी शिव शंकर प्यारी॥
शिव योगी तुम्हरे गुण गावें। ब्रह्मा विष्णु तुम्हें नित ध्यावें॥
At dissolution time’s end - you destroyer of everything be,
You, beloved consort of Lord Shiva, Gauri (Parvati) really,
Lord Shiv and all yogis always chant your praise certainly,
Brahma, Vishnu and all Gods ever meditate on you surely.

रुप सरस्वती को तुम धारा। दे सुबुद्घि ऋषि मुनिन उबारा॥
धरा रुप नरसिंह को अम्बा। प्रगट भई फाड़कर खम्बा॥
You also appear in the form of Goddess Saraswati certainly,
Granting wisdom to sages ensuring their welfare perpetually,
You Mother Amba appeared in the form of Narsimha clearly,
Emerging after tearing the pillar to safeguard the humanity.

रक्षा कर प्रहलाद बचायो। हिरणाकुश को स्वर्ग पठायो॥
लक्ष्मी रुप धरो जग माही। श्री नारायण अंग समाही॥
You saved Prahlad by protecting him completely,
You killed and sent Hiranyakashyap to Heaven surely,
In Goddess Lakshmi’s form you appear undoubtedly,
And repose by the side of Shree Narayan indisputably.

क्षीरसिन्धु में करत विलासा। दयासिन्धु दीजै मन आसा॥
हिंगलाज में तुम्हीं भवानी। महिमा अमित न जात बखानी॥
Residing in the ocean of milk with Lord Vishnu eternally,
Mother please do grace me and fulfil my desires lovingly,
The famed Hingalaj goddess is none else but you Bhawani,
Everlasting is your Glory, defying description perpetually.

मातंगी धूमावति माता। भुवनेश्वरि बगला सुखदाता॥
श्री भैरव तारा जग तारिणि। छिन्न भाल भव दुःख निवारिणी॥
You are yourself Matangi and Dhoomavati Mata surely,
As Bhuvaneshwari and Bagala give happiness certainly,
As Shree Bhairav you but redeem the world unfailingly,
As Tara and Chhinnamasta Devi end sorrows relentlessly.

केहरि वाहन सोह भवानी। लांगुर वीर चलत अगवानी॥
कर में खप्पर खड्ग विराजे। जाको देख काल डर भाजे॥
You are welcome reposing upon your vehicle gracefully,
The brave Langour (Hanuman) precedes you faithfully,
In Kali’s form, with sword and cupel in hand fiercely,
Even Kala (Time) flees in panic on seeing you so intensely.

सोहे अस्त्र और तिरशूला। जाते उठत शत्रु हिय शूला॥
नगर कोटि में तुम्ही विराजत। तिहूं लोक में डंका बाजत॥
Seeing you, well armed, with a Trident in your hand fervidly,
The heart of the enemy aches with the sting of fear fearfully,
You repose in form of Devi at Nagarkot in Kangara certainly,
Thus all the three realms shudder in the might of your glory.

शुम्भ निशुम्भ दानव तुम मारे। रक्तबीज शंखन संहारे॥
महिषासुर नृप अति अभिमानी। जेहि अघ भार मही अकुलानी॥
You destroyed the demons like Shumbh and Nishumb clearly,
Massacred the dreaded forms of the demon Raktabeej surely,
And even of the over arrogant Mahishasur but so certainly,
When earth was distressed bearing the load of sins severely.

रुप कराल कालिका धारा। सेन सहित तुम तिहि संहारा॥
परी गाढ़ सन्तन पर जब जब। भई सहाय मातु तुम तब तब॥
You took the dreadful form of Goddess Kali fully,
And massacred all along with their total army,
Whenever the noble saints were distressed truly,
You came to their rescue but ever unhesitatingly.

अमरपुरी अरु बासव लोका। तब महिमा सब रहें अशोका॥
ज्वाला में है ज्योति तुम्हारी। तुम्हें सदा पूजें नर नारी॥
All the realms including the Amarpuri (divine realm) clearly,
Remain sorrow-less and happy by Your Grace unquestionably,
It is Your glory’s symbol burning at Shri JwalaJi ever brightly,
All men and women ever worship You, O Mother unceasingly.

प्रेम भक्ति से जो यश गावै। दुःख दारिद्र निकट नहिं आवे॥
ध्यावे तुम्हें जो नर मन लाई। जन्म-मरण ताको छुटि जाई॥
He who sings Your glory with devotion, love, and sincerity,
Remains beyond the reach and grasp of grief and poverty.
Who meditates upon your form with concentration certainly,
Goes beyond the cycle of births and deaths unmistakably.

जोगी सुर मुनि कहत पुकारी। योग न हो बिन शक्ति तुम्हारी॥
शंकर आचारज तप कीनो। काम अरु क्रोध जीति सब लीनो॥
Munindra, all the yogis, gods and sages do declare openly,
Without your favour can't communion with God sincerely.
Shankarachary performed a special penance Aacharaj truly,
By virtue of which he subdued his anger and desires finally.

निशिदिन ध्यान धरो शंकर को। काहू काल नहिं सुमिरो तुमको॥
शक्ति रुप को मरम न पायो। शक्ति गई तब मन पछतायो॥
He but ever did worshipped Lord Shankar earnestly,
Never for a moment concentrated on You honestly,
Since he comprehended not your `sakti’ and glory,
His powers waned and then He repented certainly.

शरणागत हुई कीर्ति बखानी। जय जय जय जगदम्ब भवानी॥
भई प्रसन्न आदि जगदम्बा। दई शक्ति नहिं कीन विलम्बा॥
He thereafter sought refuge in You - chanted Your glory,
'O Jagadamba Bhavani to thee - victory, victory, victory’,
When you were pleased Goddess Jagadamba finally,
You then bestowed him with all his lost powers kindly.

मोको मातु कष्ट अति घेरो। तुम बिन कौन हरै दुःख मेरो॥
आशा तृष्णा निपट सतवे। मोह मदादिक सब विनशावै॥
O Mother! Severe afflictions distress me overwhelmingly,
None but You can provide relief – end my afflictions quickly,
Hopes and longings constantly torture me ever increasingly,
Passions and lust continually torment my heart unceasingly.

शत्रु नाश कीजै महारानी। सुमिरों इकचित तुम्हें भवानी॥
करौ कृपा हे मातु दयाला। ऋद्घि सिद्घि दे करहु निहाला॥
Destroy all my enemies O Queen forcefully,
Goddess Bhavani! I meditate upon you only,
Merciful Mother! Favour me - make me happy,
Bestowing me with riches, powers and glory.

जब लगि जियौं दया फल पाऊँ। तुम्हरो यश मैं सदा सुनाऊँ॥
दुर्गा चालीसा जो नित गावै। सब सुख भोग परम पद पावै॥
Mother! Grace me by Your grace in life truly,
Ever recounting to all the feats of Your Glory,
Whoever sings this Durga Chalisa enjoys eternally,
All pleasures and attains the highest state finally.
मुनीन्द्र मिश्र © Munindra Misra 2011 rights reserved

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