Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6. Maa Kaatyayini

Worshipped on the 6th night

KATYAYANI DEVI (The Daughter of Katyayana) - Day 6

चन्द्रहासोज्जवलकरा शार्दूलवरवाहना 
कात्यायनी शुभं दद्यादेवी दानवघातिनी 

Ma Katyayani battles against evil and deceitful entities,
Whose hands are white like moon-dazzle virtuously,
Who seated on a mighty-tiger, kills demons pitilessly,
May she bestow auspicion on me sympathetically. [6]

On the day of Katyayani puja, Yogis or Sadhak who perform the pooja keep their mind on Ajna Chakra or Agna Chakra. Ajna Chakra is the most important Chakra or the step in spiritual practice.
As mother, Kaatyayani stayed in the Ashram of sage Katyayan for penance, hence she is named  Kaatyayani. This 6th Shakti is also astride a lion with 3 eyes and 4 arms. One left hand holds a weapon and the other a lotus. The other 2 hands respectively display defending and granting gestures.
Her complexion is golden coloured who persistently battles against the evil and deceitful entities.
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